Happy Birthday!

Our very own resident rocket scientist celebrates a milestone birthday! 30. So significant. A new decade. Fraught with lots of feels.

First, excitement. He’s still a kid at heart, completely and totally thrilled with this birthday gift:


The tallest LEGO set to date, guys, it’s a rocket. Specifically, the Saturn V, the crazy cool machine that took man to moon. He was thrilled.

So was Eddie. There was so much jumping and shouting. (I won’t mention who exactly did the loud happy dances.)

Read the directions.
Dig in.
It starts to take shape!
Xanderman wants to help!
Almost done! Can’t contain the excitement!

Somewhat less joy-producing, such a milestone can stir up doubts. While I personally can’t wait to be 30 (makes me feel legit, like, take me seriously now), the rocket scientist has some doubts. He’s been the “young” one, achieving great heights professionally. Genuine questions come to mind. Have I already hit my peak? Is it all downhill from here? What are the downsides to being more “established” in my career?

An article calling the 30’s “the third-life crisis” talks about the tension of feeling young and old at the same time.

“When it comes to your work, you feel young and old at the same time.

You’re young because you still have 30 more years to work. (Is it really that much?) And you’re old because you realize it’s too late to start learning again and compete with people 10 years younger than you.

You’re young because you still dream big. You’re old because failing is no longer an option, as you have more and more responsibilities and people to look after.”

A Psychology Today piece mentions how after the breakneck speed of life and change and decisions of our twenties, the settling down, more established stage of life can seem strange and prompt some unease.

All this to say, he’s normal. Phew. I, for one, take no stock in this in-the-arc-of-life-I’m-on-the-downward-track-now nonsense. He’s a dreamer, improver, innovator, adventure-seeking kind of guy. A new number isn’t going to change that. There will always be new heights to explore, and I’m thrilled to be along for the ride.

Now, let’s eat cake!

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