Spring Science Update

As you may recall, we were trying our hand at a little gardening with the goal of witnessing the wonder of seeds sprouting. Already somewhat successful because we did indeed get little sprouts, you all need to know the continuing story in all it’s irony.

The seeds I had on hand were sunflowers, the same packet we used last year in our botany debut. To recap, we planted a line of seeds in the backyard last summer, left on vacation during which they, of course, did not get any water and therefore did not grow. Except for one hearty sunflower which sprouted, not where we’d planted it by the fence, but several meters away next to the shed.

Get this. Yes, a few weeks ago we planted more seeds and now have a few little sprouts, and we also have a few random sunflower stalks growing here and there around the yard! What?! Just hearty green stalks shooting up over by the persistent elm, over beside the water table, even one in the front yard I mistook for a weed and yanked before it even had a chance.

How do they do it? I assume they came from the one sunflower that made it last year. Whatever little animal feasted on the seeds also managed to scatter a few here and there.

On one hand, I’m over here like, Why am I so bad at this at this gardening thing? Stuff doesn’t grow where I plan for it to thrive, but pops up happily in random locations. On the other hand, how does the thought of a bright, cheery sunflower make one feel anything but happy. I’ll go with happy. And count all the growing green things experiences as personal growth through experience.

Speaking of optimism, Eddie’s enthusiastic transplant of several leaves he hoped would sprout roots and flourish, has, unfortunately not survived. Lesson learned? I suppose if I point out the yellow, shriveled “plants” he might learn a thing or two about transplanting, but since he’s forgotten, I might just let it go this time. Or maybe we should take note and watch the decomposition process…tell you what, there’s just no escaping science!

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