Epic Summer Adventuring

Summer schedule has officially arrived at our house, and I’m all gung ho about making it super fun! I have a whole list of fun things to do around the city (museums, parks, splash pads, events, free concerts). So far, between the rainy cool weather last week, and a stomach bug hitting us hard this week, we’re not doing so hot.

But, because of my tenacious goal of compensating for my natural lack of adventurous spirit we’ve somehow made it to two museums! Last week, bummed out by another rainy morning, I forced myself to find something to do, and free entrance to a local cultural center boasting a super-fun, kid-friendly installation about Noah’s Ark seemed just the ticket. The hours they were open were a little weird, so I had to switch around nap time. Maybe it’s just me, but managing a funky routine, a long drive across the city, navigating unfamiliar places, and to top it off feeling blue and wishing the weather felt more like summer was just about enough to make me call off the whole thing.


But we did it anyway. It was great! It successfully filled a few hours of the day. The sun even came out. The boys had fun! But Xanderman didn’t seem quite himself at times, and by the end of the day I wondered if maybe he wasn’t feeling well. By the time we got home and meltdowns erupted from weird naps, I was sort of over it. Was it really worth it? The fun got a little foggy in all the upheaval.

Pushing away the negative in that experience, forcing back the fog to see the fun, I looked up LA’s Natural History Museum and saw the last free Tuesday of the summer was this week. I decided we’d make it happen! No matter if it turns out Xander really was getting a stomach bug, and by Monday he’d passed it along to Eddie. For sure, by Tuesday morning they’d both be back to 100% in time to see some dinosaur bones! My optimism, turns out, isn’t a cure. Little guy was fine, but big guy was still battling the bug. He kept food down, and seemed to be perking up so I decided to risk it. C’mon, it was the last free admission day of the summer!!

The drive went without a hitch. I settled Eddie comfortably into the stroller so he could take it all in while still resting, and off we went. We had fun! We oo-ed and ahh-ed over the magnificent dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. We learned things, read signs, took in the beautiful architecture of the building. And then we bailed after an hour since Eddie was just shot. So…bummer.


All this to say, the thing about adventures with kids is, well, it’s always an adventure. You just never know what bumps will come along with the fun. And I want to put this out there to remind myself first and foremost: it is worth it. I don’t want to let the what if’s stop me from getting out there and having adventures. Sure, it might not meet my high expectations. It might even be a disaster. But it will definitely be an adventure! And if we have to bail, or end up super grumpy, or only see half the museum, well, at least we have a good story. At least we did something!

And now I think for awhile, the “somethings” we do are going to be a little more low key. Maybe a blanket fort or a picnic at a favorite local park or making lemonade. Those count as summer adventures too!

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