When Life Gives You Lemons…

A few weeks ago, I picked some ripe lemons off the tree hanging over into our backyard. Just a handful, not sure quite what we’d use them for, but they were so yellow and summery and beautiful. They sat with the other fruit in the bowl on the counter for a couple of days.

One afternoon things got rough, you know the kind of day: all the fussiness of late afternoon/early evening, just before the much-needed change of scenery of dinnertime and Dad coming home from work. The boys were bored, needy, whiny. In desperation I cut open a lemon for Alexander to try because, c’mon, funny baby faces when they taste sour lemon! He didn’t disappoint.



I got Eddie to try some too. Then it led to pulling out the juicer to squeeze the lemon to the rind. For some reason, probably novelty, Eddie had a blast with it! I gave him a small jar to pour the juice into, and eventually thought to grab the sugar and teach him how to make lemonade.

IMG_0757 (1)


He refused to try the sweetened lemon juice since the sour taste was a little too fresh and he’s weird about only ever just drinking plain, room-temperature water. But the point is, this simple thing took up a few minutes of a long afternoon. To drag it out even more, I had Eddie wash the dishes after he finished. He liked that too, probably the novelty again.


Plus, we literally took life’s lemons and made lemonade.

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