Announcement: Rocket Launch!

Did you miss me? Phew, it’s been awhile! And it’s not for lack of content I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. If anything, there’s more to report than ever!


We are thrilled to announce the exciting news of another rocket baby joining our family early next year!


And so, let’s be real, finding energy to “do a project” (as Eddie begs) or write a post or, honestly, throw together a meal or deal with the dirty dishes has been a real challenge. Throw in a little pregnancy nausea and you’ll see a bit of what our last few months has consisted of.

But let’s not forget the glory of summer: swimming and day camps and vacation! Oh how we’ve enjoyed ourselves, fatigue and the urge to vomit aside.

We were lucky enough to get to spend time with family in Illinois. One highlight was watching the boys be brave on the big water slides at the water park we went to with my family, pushing past the nerves over the steep drops and rushing water and getting the thrill of accomplishment and pure fun!


The next few days with Jonathan’s family were slow-paced and wonderful! It was a “stay-cation” at his parents’ house, but full of adventures: a clue-driven game of capture the flag all around town, touring the house where they grew up and the time capsule they buried in the backyard when Jonathan was just 7 years old, camping down by the creek complete with s’mores and staying up late and fresh donuts over the fire for breakfast, our own fireworks show…and a rocket launch!

We found out the gender of baby number three while we were on vacation and couldn’t resist the chance to have a little fun with it.

Of course the rocket scientist helped Eddie put the craft-store rocket together, but then stuffed it in secret.


The moment of truth: a puff of blue so high up in the sky it was almost indiscernible, and then overshadowed by the gasp that followed as the little parachute, rocket attached, drifted over the neighboring cornfield. Eddie, whose heart was set on launching the rocket 3 times, was distressed, but took time to hear the official announcement: BOY! before heading off with Aunt Rae Rae in search of the rocket. Miraculously, it was easily found having blown over the cornfield and touched down in the neighbor’s driveway. After the second launch, we would not be so fortunate and the rocket remains lost in the tall trees down by the creek at Gramps’ and Grammy’s house.

Just as thrilling and climatic, Jonathan’s antenna deployed while he was on vacation (which means he spent quite a lot of his vacation time in contact with work via phone as they went through go/no-go procedures and meetings), but more on that later!

All that to say, summer is just too much fun, right? And now, we’re back at home in California with loads of sweet memories and the delightful promise of many new adventures to come!


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