It’s been a busy season around here. I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say, combined with my low energy/pregnant state, I’m sorry to say this little corner of everyday adventures has fallen a bit by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, things are still happening, but I miss chronicling them, documenting them, all for the fun it is to have a record of our rocket babies’ growth.


We made a paper chain countdown to Christmas. Eddie is booming in the counting department. He finally broke through those tricky ‘teens and suddenly started rocketing toward 100!



We learned about light bending as it travels through heat from our trust hallway heater since the nights have grown “cold” even here in SoCal. (Thanks to Dad, the rocket scientist. This is not one of those things I’d have a good explanation for if asked!)



I watched the live stream of Insight landing on Mars. By myself because one was at school and one was napping (and I wasn’t about to mess that up, Mars landing or not!). The 7 minutes of terror just doesn’t get old!



There was that trip to to the zoo where we were awed by the animals!


Since mandarins are back in season we did a little experiment seeing whether they float with the peel on or off. So simple. So fun. So delicious!






The point is. Life is still happening. These little people are challenging but oh so fun as they explore and learn and love to “do” and experience every day. And I’ve had to let go of reporting here about every little detail of it. I hope to still get some of these things recorded, but in the name of seasons, our reality is embracing a season of busyness followed by a season of adjustment to life with 3 rocket babies! There’s space for the growth to continue, but maybe not space for sharing those little growth increments as often as I’d like. That’s okay, seasons come and go. Keep adventuring!

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