New Starts to the Same Old Routine

Well, it’s been ages. So long I’ve even kind of forgotten how to do this. Or why I do this. With so many other things that need doing, and that’s basically my only excuse for not having written in so long, somehow all the things that need doing now as a family of five, this little corner of writing and sharing has been very much on the back burner. Hobbies are usually the first to go, aren’t they. And here we are, months since I sat down to capture a bit of everyday life.

The thing is, when I go back and read past posts, I can already tell these slowed-down moments are special. I’m so forgetful. Having this record of what we did is precious to me. So I guess there’s no time like a new year for a fresh start.

A new year, so what’s new. Me, I love a fresh start, so amid the crazy post-Christmas travel, the inevitable stomach bug, and then a week of solo-parenting while the rocket scientist attended a conference, we’re finally settling in to routine. What’s that look like? Glad you asked!

I try really hard to get up before the boys do, even just a few minutes before they descend in full force with their morning needs is helpful! I try to exercise, have some hot coffee, and general centering/waking up. I’m finding music and diligence to keeping a calendar is inspiring to my mornings! We have a clock that turns on a green light at 7 am so the boys know when to get up (also, when they are allowed get up, it takes a little work to enforce this around our house, but it’s so so worth it!), and they’re soon bounding out in full force once the sleepy cuddles wear off.

Breakfast, dressing, and getting lunch packed is the next busy stretch before I pack them into the wagon and we’re off to school. I love our morning walk. I think it helps Eddie prepare mentally for the school day, not to mention gets us all outdoors for the fresh air and makes sure I fit in some cardio–3 boys in a wagon is a load!

Once Eddie’s delivered to school, the day may have a lot more variance. I settle the baby for his morning nap, try to interest Xander in some independent activity, and finish getting ready for the day. Usually after Ollie’s short nap we’re off to an activity, maybe the park, meeting friends, or running an errand or two. By lunchtime we’re back home then down for naps before school pick up mid-afternoon.

The afternoons vary as I like to get out and do something, but home-body Eddie would often rather be home building a LEGO set. These days I make sure we’re at least outside before sunset at some point, even if it means dragging them on a walk or just to play in the backyard. Having visited family in the Midwest, since being back I’ve been so grateful for SoCal’s lovely winter weather so most days it’s quite comfortable to be outside.

Then there’s the evening crazy–dinner must be made and eaten and cleaned up, bedtime routine braved, little eyes drifted shut in slumber.

There it is, in all its mundane glory: simple routine. But as it morphs and changes subtlety over time, it’s good to have record of something that was so normal for awhile sometimes we forget to notice. Noticing the everyday moments is why I’m here anyway, taking time to write things down. The little things matter. It’s what makes up a life!

One thought on “New Starts to the Same Old Routine

  1. Janine

    Yes, the mundane things are often forgotten although they can be the most significant time spent with the little ones!
    I’m glad to still have children at home—but thankful they put themselves to bed and dress and fed themselves!


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