Just Start (Easter Egg Activity)

Anyone else get stuck sometimes? The afternoon can sometimes seem so long. Anyone else’s kid say things like, “Mo-om, what can I do?” Utterly bored, but then refuse all suggestions of fun activities?

Here’s the latest trick that’s working for us: I start doing something. Maybe it’s pulling out the train track and just starting a fun track with a few pieces . Maybe it’s opening our box of play food and connecting all the fruit’s little velcro patches (no one can resist picking up the toy knife and “cutting” them up again). Maybe it’s coloring. If I start something, usually without even an invitation they’ll want to join in. And then hopefully if I sneak away after 5 minutes, they’ll carry on without me too!

So today, I’ve been wanting to do an Easter activity, but sometimes it can seem so daunting to look up something fun, get the stuff out, do the thing, pick it up, etc…But the after school boredom showed up again, and I’d happened to see a post on LEGO’s Instagram so I pulled my “just start” trick again. Instead of trying to convince Eddie it would be fun, I just started. The LEGOs were already out and are pretty much always a winning activity, so I got down on the floor and started building an Easter egg.


Before I knew it, I had a happy little builder going to town on his own (rather lopsided) eggs. And the other guy…well, he was in a bit of a grumpy fit, as per usual these days it seems, so he was more interested in huffing and throwing the pieces around, but, you can’t win ’em all. He rallied when I pulled out the Easter baskets to put our LEGO eggs in. *shrug* Just when you think you have them figured out…


Happy Easter!

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